Microsoft Power BI Consulting

Harness the true potential of your data. With our Microsoft Power BI Consulting services, you're not just gaining insights but a strategic partner that puts your data to work, efficiently and effectively.

Discovery and Interaction

Our unique discovery tool, complemented by sessions with our UK principal, bridges the gap between stakeholders and IT. Drawing on years of expertise, we ensure a deep understanding of your needs, aspirations, and objectives.

Efficient Data Ingestion

Leveraging best practices, we employ Power Query M code and SQL for seamless data ingestion. Whether you're housing a vast dataset or a niche one, we ensure it's formatted optimally for Power BI.

Precision Data Modelling

With top-tier tabular modelling techniques, we guarantee a data model that's not only correct but optimized for seamless user experience and peak performance. Using tools like Tabular Editor, we ensure consistent metrics, including advanced functionalities like dynamic currency conversions and Row Level Security. No task is too daunting for our experts.

Creative Data Visualization

Our in-house design maestros conceptualize dashboards that resonate with your brand and narrative. With custom visuals and tailored aesthetics, we ensure your data not only speaks but captivates.

Unwavering Quality Assurance

Data integrity is our ethos. With automated testing and rigorous quality assurance processes, we ensure precision, clarity, and decisiveness in every dashboard.

Robust Documentation & Training

Beyond creating dashboards, we empower you with knowledge. With integrated interactive documentation and a comprehensive PDF mapping your KPIs, we ensure you're always in control.

Power BI Administration Assistance

From setting up to streamlining, we're there at every step. Our expertise ensures your Power BI environment is robust, responsive, and resilient.

Direct Deployment with Azure Lighthouse

Streamlining management without compromising security. We directly deploy to your workspace, requiring no domain logins, ensuring seamless project integration.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

Your journey doesn't end with project completion. Our tailored support and maintenance plans ensure that your Power BI solutions remain top-notch, always.

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