Our Mission

  1. Purpose

    We empower businesses by simplifying the complexities of the digital landscape, enabling them to harness the power of data analytics for scalable digital transformation at their own pace.

  2. Mission

    • Empowering businesses with bespoke analytics
    • A future where all businesses can reach digital maturity
    • A future where Future Analytics is a workplace that fosters continuous learning, growth, and skill enhancement in an environment that supports a growth mindset and a happy work environment.
  3. Vision

    • We're committed to team development
    • We cultivate a culture of trust and integrity
    • We actively stay on top of the latest trends
    • We partner with clients looking to grow their analytical capabilities
    • We deliver a fully managed service with consistent quality every time.
  4. Values

    • We prioritize cybersecurity and data confidentiality, employing the highest standards of security practices to protect our clients' information and our systems.
    • We are committed to meeting compliance standards, ensuring that our services and operations adhere to industry regulations and best practices.
    • We build partnerships with businesses, suppliers, and employees based on honesty, integrity, trust, and clarity.
    • We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, always looking for new ways to better serve our clients and stay ahead of the market's needs.


Alexander Amlani

Alexander Amlani

Founder and Managing Director

Alexander has had a dynamic journey in the data analytics industry. He began his career as a Marketing Executive and Sales Analyst, swiftly grasping the strategies to amplify sales and marketing performance across a plethora of countries.

His career progressed to a leadership role at AA Consultancy, where he served as an independent contractor. In this capacity, he honed his skills by developing Power BI Models and Dashboards for a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from SMEs and franchises to FTSE 100 and NYSE 100 corporations. This diverse client base spanned several industries including retail, manufacturing, tech startups, and more.

A notable milestone in his career was a significant project at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Here, Alexander was instrumental in leading a departmental transformation. The transformation involved transitioning from legacy systems to Azure, instilling best practices in tabular modeling and SQL development, and entirely shifting to an agile way of working with Azure DevOps.

In his current role as the founder of Future Analytics, Alexander is leveraging his extensive experience to pioneer innovations in analytics. His primary focus lies in delivering customer-centric solutions that demystify complex data. His aim is always centered on aiding businesses to make data-driven decisions. Guided by a talented team of developers, Alexander's vision for Future Analytics is to explore and extend the boundaries of what's achievable in the data analytics industry.

Renie Velasquez

Renie Velasquez

Team Delivery Lead

Renie Velasquez, our Team Delivery Lead, is core to managing our remote technical delivery team. With a deep-rooted understanding of business intelligence (BI) modelling and report development, Renie expertly translates complex technical requirements into actionable strategies for our IT services team.

His vast experience managing remote teams across the globe has been instrumental in ensuring seamless project delivery, regardless of location or time zone. Renie's proactive approach and clear communication have been pivotal in driving our technical team's performance, ensuring we consistently deliver innovative, high-quality solutions for our clients.

In an era where remote work is the norm, Renie's expertise in leading diverse teams ensures our delivery remains agile, adaptable, and above all, efficient. His leadership is a testament to our commitment to excellence in service delivery, and his role is key to our global success.

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