Microsoft Fabric Services

Elevate Your Business in the AI Era is your business landscape overwhelmed by fragmented and untamed data? Facing challenges in detecting critical hitches across departments or acting on timely, informed decisions? Our comprehensive Microsoft Fabric Services are primed to transform these challenges into opportunities, leveraging the best of AI-driven insights.

Highlights of Our Services

AI-Driven Insights

Experience the power of Microsoft Fabric. Within weeks, witness your data being harnessed to deliver critical Power BI reports and insights, sculpted around your business's primary metrics.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

Our services transcend beyond immediate fixes. With Microsoft Fabric, we architect a data infrastructure that's versatile, gearing you up for future adaptations and business growth.

Transparent Costs

With Microsoft Fabric, centralize your fragmented business data. Relish a transparent pricing model, paying for a predetermined capacity every month, inclusive of everything required to deploy your solution.

Prioritising Data Quality and Security The sanctity and security of your data are paramount to us. Our rigorous QA processes, backed by automation, are geared to guarantee impeccable data quality. Our Cyber Essentials accreditation emphasizes our unwavering commitment to data security. Additionally, our hands-on, grounded approach ensures clear and error-free data management.

Our Methodology

Initiation - Discovery

We start by recognizing pressing challenges that can be resolved using data insights. This encompasses harmonizing definitions, identifying data sources, and maintaining meticulous records.

Using state-of-the-art connectors, we process and consolidate your data, orchestrating pipelines to merge diverse data sources.

In the foundational stages, our seasoned UK lead works closely with you, curating vibrant dashboards that accentuate pivotal metrics, adding immediate value.

Post validating the value delivered, we seamlessly transition by integrating any requisite documentation and strategizing the next steps, tailored to your vision and requirements.

Why Choose Our Services

Proven Expertise

Partner with an esteemed Microsoft associate, proudly housing PL-300 certified Power BI professionals. We are unwavering in our stance on data security, fortified by our Cyber Essentials certification.

Dedicated Guidance

An experienced UK Principal Consultant helms your project, ensuring it adheres to our high benchmarks. Your project is further buoyed by the collective expertise of a strategic team lead, adept data engineers, a seasoned data scientist, and a visualization maestro.

Custom Maintenance Options

Navigate through diverse support levels, picking a maintenance plan that resonates with your aspirations and financial planning.

Experience the Future of Data Management Our Microsoft Fabric Services don’t merely offer insights; they equip you with a resilient foundation for impending growth, straightforward pricing, and a bouquet of handpicked features and expert backing, elevating your data analytics experience to new zeniths.

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